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About Us

About us

Welcome to! We are a website that sells filtered water bottles. Our mission is to improve people’s drinking experience by providing superior filtered water bottle products. We are well aware of the importance of clean, safe drinking water to the body. Using a filtered kettle can effectively filter impurities and pollutants in the water, providing you with pure, delicious water.

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The replacement cycle of the activated carbon filter element is 70 days to ensure continued high quality of water. The easily removable design makes filter replacement quick and easy.


The transparent design of the pot body makes it easy to observe the water volume and filter usage at any time, providing you with a more convenient use experience.


Leak-proof design, ensuring the lid and seal are designed to fit perfectly to prevent moisture leakage.

Quadruple filtration

In our filter kettles, we use quadruple filtration technology to provide you with efficient, comprehensive water purification. Each layer of filtration has a specific function, working together to ensure your drinking water is fresh and pure.


Pre-filter cloth:

Professional removal of sediment and rust to ensure that impurities in the water are intercepted at the initial stage. This layer of filter cloth can prevent large particles of impurities from entering the subsequent filtration stage, ensuring the life and efficiency of the subsequent filter media.


Coconut shell activated carbon:

Through the powerful adsorption capacity of coconut shell activated carbon, it can effectively remove peculiar colors and odors in water.


Ion exchange resin:

For the problem of hard water in the water, ion exchange resin can effectively remove scale, prevent scale from clogging the equipment, and extend the service life of the filter. At the same time, this layer of filtration also helps improve the taste of water.


Particle filter cotton mesh:

The fine and dense particle filter cotton mesh can filter out residual particle impurities. This layer of filtration ensures that your drinking water is meticulously pure, providing you with a safe and healthy water source.

Why choose us?

Quality Assurance: The filter kettle is made of food-grade material. Make sure parts in contact with water do not contain harmful substances. The food-grade material not only ensures the safety of the product, but also gives the filter kettle excellent durability.

Customer Service: Our customer service is here to support you, answer your questions, and ensure your shopping experience is worry-free.

Thank you for choosing our filter kettle products, we look forward to providing you with quality service and products. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact our customer service Daniel Fain by sending an email to [email protected] or calling +(1)(223) 304-8059.