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Large Capacity Home Filter Kettle

Large-capacity design meets the drinking water needs of large families or groups. There is no need to add water frequently, making it convenient and practical.


Our filtered water bottles are made of food-grade safe materials to ensure that the water in the bottle remains fresh, odourless and free from harmful substances.

Multi-layer filtration

Our filter kettle uses multiple filtration materials, such as activated carbon and PP cotton, to filter impurities from the water in all directions, ensuring purer drinking water.

Cartridge Replacement Cycle

In order to ensure that the water filter kettle maintains excellent filtration, we recommend changing the filter cartridge every 70 days.

Leak-proof design

Our filtered water bottles feature a leak-proof construction to ensure that no water leaks while you're on the go.

100oz Blue Household Filtered Water Bottle

Using high-quality activated carbon filter elements, it can effectively remove odors and microorganisms in the water, providing a fresh and delicious drinking water experience.

How to use a filtered water bottle correctly?


Step 1

Remove the filter cartridge and rinse it repeatedly under running water.

Step 2

Place the cartridge in the water and leave it to soak for about 20 minutes, shaking it in the water to clean the cartridge after it has finished soaking.

Step 3

Slide the filter cartridge into the water filter slot and pour out the water that was initially filled twice and left to filter.

Step 4

Filter the water for the third time and it will be ready for normal use.

Household Activated Carbon Filter Kettle

filter kettle

118.36oz Household Filter Kettle

Wooden Handle Design
Filter Kettle

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