100oz Blue Household Filtered Water Bottle

100oz Blue Household Filtered Water Bottle


Using high-quality activated carbon filter elements, it can effectively remove odors and microorganisms in the water, providing a fresh and delicious drinking water experience.

Product capacity: Total capacity is about 100oz
Filter element: Activated carbon
Filter replacement cycle: 70 days
Usage scenarios: Suitable for various occasions such as home, office, travel, etc.

High efficiency filtration:
The activated carbon filter element design quickly purifies water quality through adsorption, ensuring that every drop of water is clear and transparent.

Filter element replacement cycle:
It is recommended to replace the activated carbon filter element every 70 days to ensure continuous and efficient filtration effect.
Provides long-lasting filtration to reduce the user’s annoyance of frequent replacement.

Scenes to be used:
It is suitable for various occasions such as home, office and travel, providing users with fresh and safe drinking water.
Lightweight and portable design, easy to carry and enjoy high-quality water anytime and anywhere.

Packing list:
Filter kettle × 1
Filter element × 1
Instruction Manual × 1

Before first use, rinse the kettle and filter with clean water.
Do not use the kettle for hot water filtration to avoid affecting the performance of the filter element.
Please replace the new filter element within the specified filter element replacement cycle to ensure continued and efficient filtration effect.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 12 in





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